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PitcairnMcLean Research started in March 2005 and took over the business previously known as S. & M. Pitcairn, which had a business history going back to the early 1970’s. The original company was set up by Sheila Pitcairn a renowned Local Historian and genealogist.

Sheila Pitcairn was one of first Scottish genealogists who attained the accreditation of Licentiate in Genealogy, a highly sought after qualification in the field. Sheila continued the very successful business until the mid 1980’s when she was joined by her daughter Wendy Sinclair, a specialist in her own right, having studied Art in Edinburgh she worked for a number of years as a heraldic artist at the Court of the Lord Lyon, in Edinburgh.

In the early 1990’s they were joined by Sheila’s son Lloyd Pitcairn, who joined the business having spent the previous 10 years serving as a member of the Royal Military Special Investigation Branch. The training and experiences received during his military career have proved invaluable in dealing with the complex issues of investigative genealogy.

In the late 1990’s Lloyd was offered a position with Payton & Tate, one of our business associates in London. Sheila and Wendy continued the business in Scotland until 2005, when on the retirement of Sheila, he returned to the family business. Wendy also retired from the business to effectively concentrate on her own business affairs here in Dunfermline.

The business name was changed to that of Pitcairn Research, mainly to show the change in management but also to tackle the changes in business with a fresh start. S. & M. Pitcairn was a well known name amongst those who had reason to either require the specialist knowledge and from those who obtained a benefit from their years of extensive work in the field of genealogy and in particular in the tracing of heirs to intestate estates.

Lloyd was joined in the business by Debbie Lyn McLean in 2005.

It is the aim of both Lloyd and Debbie to continue the business ethics of S. & M. Pitcairn and to push forward the development of PitcairnMcLean Research, so that it remains the forerunner in its field and a credit to those requiring its specialist services.