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Many UK solicitors have dealings in one way or another with intestate estates, or more often, missing beneficiaries. Lost legatees cause more problems then most matters you may deal with. Especially considering that your clients particular Will was possibly written years ago, detailing heirs all over the world. What are the chances of one of the heirs no longer being where they are supposed to be, just when you need to contact them? Very probable!

How can we help?

Well it’s been our business for over 30 years and we are pretty good at it. We have a huge number of resources and a very high success rate in locating whole families or single missing individuals. Our associates worldwide allow us to tailor our research to suit your own individual requirements and to match your specified budget.

So what's the Process?

We believe that we can make matters simple for you to go from the problem to the solution:

  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Instructions accepted by phone including free advice if required
  • Easy e-mail submission with guaranteed response times
  • Appraisals, advice and costs by post, fax or e-mail
  • Structured updates and report times to suit your requirements
  • Documentation requirements met, along with final reports and genealogical Family Trees where necessary
  • Concise detailed insurance reports, ready for submission to relevant insurers


Full Intestate Estate with no Known Kin!

The solution is at hand, there is no need to sort out the deceased’s affairs and send the paperwork and monies into the Crown Office (Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer).

One of the concerns of solicitors is the costs of research and the likelihood that there are no easily found heirs who can instruct them on the estate.

Our solution to this problem is to let us carryout the research at no risk to you or the estate. A simple instruction to us can save you valuable time and expenses allowing you to observe best practice procedures, safe in the knowledge that you have done your best to carryout the deceased’s wishes.

In the majority of cases there is family of the deceased somewhere, whether they are of a close degree or of distant relation, in Scotland or living abroad. In many instances they will have no knowledge of the deceased or of their relationship to the deceased; however they are all still potential beneficiaries.

Missing Heir/Beneficiary

The locating and contacting of missing heirs is probably the most common problem facing solicitors dealing with Wills and Trusts. Pitcairn Research has a well proven track record in successfully tackling these issues and providing you with the means to dispose of the assets as intended. Most missing heirs are not hiding from us, only lost through time or movement, and it’s our job to locate them for you. We also locate executors, trustees, trust beneficiaries etc.


It is certainly the case that more and more solicitors are finding it harder to obtain a Bondification on estates where the full extent of the deceased’s family is not known. In addition, insurers are now requiring more in-depth genealogical investigations before they are willing to take on any risk. And who can blame them, too often, inadequate or incomplete Family Trees are sent into them for risk assessment with little or no genealogical investigation.

To satisfy the insurer’s requirement, solicitors have to spend more and more time trying to answer the insurer’s questions, and still try to obtain the best quotation possible for their clients.

This is where we can help; Pitcairn Research can conduct an independent verification of existing genealogical research, or research our own Report for submission to the insurers. We may also be able to support an application where further research is either not required or financially viable.